We work passionately to bring you the best templates for Elementor

We are a team of designers and developers working together to create the most innovative and personalized Elementor templates. We use a customer-oriented approach to ensure that each template is perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers 🥳.

Web Developer at Nullam S.R.L
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"I am so impressed with the range of templates available on Elementor! They're incredibly easy to use and customize, and I love how professional and polished they make my website look."
UI / UX Designer at Access S.p,a
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"The attention to detail in Elementor templates is truly impressive. From the typography to the layout, everything is thoughtfully designed and easy to modify. I feel like I'm working with a professional designer!"
Front end developer at Taci
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"I was skeptical about using templates at first, but after trying out Elementor's templates, I'm hooked! They're so well-designed and versatile that I've been able to create a website that looks and feels unique to my brand."
Web Developer at
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"I love that Elementor templates are responsive and look great on any device. It's made my website so much more accessible and user-friendly, and I've received compliments from my visitors on how easy it is to navigate."

We accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting cryptocurrency payments for our Elementor templates. We are committed to providing a smooth and secure payment experience for our customers, regardless of the payment method they choose 😋. 

Frequent questions

If you have any questions or can’t figure out how it works try reading these questions. In case contact me in the live chat… I’ll wait for you 🤩

Once the purchase has been made, you will get:
1. A .wordpress installation file to transfer your site in one click [through the all in one plugin]
3. Elementor Pro Unlimited features, without any subscription
2. Figma File with Original Design so you can adapt it to your needs

To install the template is very simple:
1. Download the WP Migration All-in-One plugin.
2. Click on import and import the received .wordpress file.
3. Wait for the upload to complete and click on proceed
4. Done! Now customize it however you want with the features of Elementor Pro

If you are not able to install the template or you just want support, you can request the free installation from our team, providing your WordPress credentials to our operator.

Within a few minutes you will have your website up and running

Modifications to the template and insertion of customer content can be requested for a fee, requesting assistance from our team.

We will process the request with our team and communicate the specific price for the changes

The theme used is Astra, one of the most famous and versatile free themes for WordPress, which allows us to create unique designs very easily

Every three months a template chosen by our editorial staff will be placed free of charge, which can be used and downloaded completely free of charge.