How to change the mouse cursor with Elementor

I’ll explain how you can change the mouse cursor by integrating HTML code, using Elementor

Alternatively follow these easy steps :

Hi, my name is Samma and I’m your virtual assistant for all your WordPress and Elementor questions and trivia. Today I show you how to modify the mouse cursor in Elementor , using the Elementor Pro css function.

First add to your media gallery, the file to insert as cursor . It can be in both svg and png format, the important thing is that its dimensions are 100×100.

Copy the url file of the image and go to the page editing section.

Click on settings at the bottom left and advanced at the top right. Here we insert the html code :

    cursor:url('Your image'),auto;

Well your cursor as you see has changed. If you want your cursor to change only in certain situations, remember to enter the relative class or hierarchy that your website has.

, a, a:hover, a:hover{
     cursor:url('Your image'),auto;
Thank you very much for following this short guide. If you have any other questions or concerns, contact me, I will answer you personally in less than 24 hours.



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