How to create 404 error page with Elementor and Lottie

I’ll explain how to create a 404 error page and insert and set up the Lottie widget

Alternatively follow these simple steps :

Hi, my name is Samma and I’m your virtual assistant for all your WordPress and Elementor questions and trivia. Today I show you how to create a 404 error page with Elementor and Lottie . The first thing you have to do is go to the template section and click on the theme builder . Now click on error 404 and add a new template .

To make the page dynamic we use Lottie , I remind you that with our templates these features are included and free .

As you can see on Lottie there are a wide range of moving illustrations and animations that you can insert into your website to make it dynamic.

For example, I chose this animation of a flying saucer asking itself: “Where did this page go? “

What you have to do is copy the link or download the file and put it in the right section. You can zoom in on the image and create a loop so that it repeats over and over again. We’re done!

Thank you very much for following this short guide. If you have any other questions or concerns, contact me, I will answer you personally in less than 24 hours.



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