How to transfer your WordPress website to another domain

I’ll show you how to transfer your website from one domain to another using the All-in one Migration plugin

Alternatively follow these simple steps :

Hello , my name is Samma , your virtual assistant for all questions and curiosities about WordPress and Elementor. Today I show you how to transfer your website from one domain to another using a simple plugins.

What I’m going to do now is transfer this website of a psychologist , to the domain of this barber. First let’s install the most important plug-in which is called all in one migration .

The plug-in you find here has a total transfer capacity of 500 megabytes. Since the free version only allows you to transfer files smaller than 250 megabytes (sometimes that’s not enough). Import the plug-in and activate it.

Once this is done let’s go to the plugin we just downloaded in the export section. Click on export as file and download the file dot website .

Now we repeat the same process on the website where we want to transfer our psychologist web page. Once installing go to the import section of the all in one plug-in and drag the file you just downloaded . We wait for the upload to be completed and click on proceed.

We enter the access data of the site we have exported , then those of the psychologist and we enter the website . As you can see the name at the top left has already changed, let’s save the changes and as if by magic our website has been transferred in less than 3 minutes.

Thank you very much for following this short guide. If you have any other questions or concerns, contact me, I will answer you personally in less than 24 hours.



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