How to translate your WordPress website in less than 1 minute

I’ll explain two ways to translate your website easily and for free

Alternatively follow these simple steps :

Hello , my name is  Samma and I am  your virtual assistant for all your questions and curiosities about WordPress and Elementor. Today I show you two ways to translate your website FREE in less than 1 minute.

The first plugin I want to show you is called Translate WordPress with GTranslate. It’s a free plugin and now I show you how you can translate your website for free.

First we install the plug-in and activate it. Then go to the settings section and select the GTranslate item.

Ok, this is the page where you can change the look of your selector and change the language you want to translate your website into. Once you have chosen tutor click on save change.

Done, now if you try to look at your website you will find the selector which automatically translates your entire website for free. Once this is done, I present to you the second plug-in called Google Language Translator.

Always free, you can translate your website with a simple click. Install the plug-in and activate it using the same procedure as before. Now go to settings and then click on google language translator .

Now go to settings and then click on google language translator . Here as before you will find the settings to translate your website the color and other characteristics of the switcher.

Once you have chosen the position and color click on save changes. We’re done , now you can translate your site into all languages with one click in a simple and free way.

Grazie mille per aver seguito questa breve guida. Se hai altre domande o dubbi contattami, ti risponderò personalmente in meno di 24 ore.



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